Below is a list of all the known cheats for Rally Championship.
To enable the cheat enter the code as the name of player four.

arcade action Play pong on your windscreen!
arcade unlimited Play any arcade level
turbo challenge A8 cars in time trial mode
world class Unlock A8 championship
give me time Press 't' in service area for a minute extra
captain reversi Reverse the tracks
spud car Drive the Turboater
lambaaghini Drive the Lambaaghini
mooserati Drive the Moo 1.8bse turbo
furry dice Drive Bernie's dice mobile
skip Drive the Skip
radio car Drive the Radio Control Car
tree hugger Drive the welsh sheep wagon
max power Drive the Max power car
mf hotback Drive the MF hothatch
group b Drive the MF Turbo
precious things Drive the Local Shop
throw me a bone Drive the Max Power WRC
dont touch the things Unknown
toe the line Unknown
down the road Unknown
blarby garby Unknown
head transplant Unknown