- Manages ALL known documented commands;
- Friendly user interface with full movable windows;
- One-click reset on every numeric field; - Full command logic (doesn´t allow for incompatible, crossed-up or invalid values);
- Automatic ´fizpatch´ control (ONLY written if any of the physics parameters is set; NEVER written if a valid season code is specified, as this invalidates ´hotlaps´);
- Auto loads the contents of the current ´ral.cfg´ at startup;
- ´ral.cfg´ file is backed up at startup;
- Launches ´RC2000´ from within itself;
- Five pre-defined presets;
- Five USER-DEFINED presets (with support for ALL commands);
- Facility to display the contents of the current ´ral.cfg´ file ´as is´;
- Known cheats window;

Version 2.2 (for patch 6) Download Here (245 KB)

Author: Bikeman

NOTE: Remember to read the READ-ME File Included with the download!